Hickory Nut Gap Farm

Fairview, NC



 • Daily Lunch 11-4

In-House Butchery, Catering,

Farm Tours, Venue Rental, 

Gift Shop & Local Events

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Bide-A-Wee Homes

Tiny Homes On Wheels

Turn key and move-in ready


Offering a variety of floor plans

or Custom design service

available to create that perfect

tiny home for you!


• Built by local craftsman •

 For pictures and more 

information visit 


or call  


Scott's Landscaping

Licensed General Contractor


Specializing in commercial &

large residential projects

  • Landscape & Hardscape
  • Retaining Walls
  • Hydro-Seeding
  • Grading
  • Excavation
  • Land Clearing

  Cell:  336-657-0545

Office:  336-372-1626






  • Chain Link
  • Custom Wood
  • Ornamental
  • Vinyl
  • Farm Fence




High Country Stone



Marble, Quartz,

Soapstone, Vetrazzo,


Full Slabs on site!


6489 Old 421 S,

Deep Gap, NC

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 Regional Roundup for August 21, 2019

StationTempHighLowWind SpeedWind GustPrecpLast Update
Asheville84.7 °F84.7 °F66.1 °FW @ 3 mph8 mph0.00 in11:53 am
Asheville Airport81 °F81 °F66 °FN @ 5 mph5 mph0.00 in11:00 am
Asheville UNCA84.8 °F85 °F65.2 °FW @ 1 mph5 mph0.00 in11:52 am
Black Mountain81.3 °F81.3 °F62.3 °FSW @ 8 mph15 mph0.00 in11:53 am
Weaverville84.1 °F84.3 °F63.6 °FENE @ 1 mph4 mph0.00 in11:40 am
Jefferson76.6 °F77.1 °F64.5 °FESE @ 3 mph11 mph0.00 in11:42 am
Laurel Ridge70 °F70 °F70 °FN @ 0 mph12 mph0.00 in11:49 am
Phillips Gap80.5 °F80.5 °F66.3 °FS @ 1 mph5 mph0.00 in11:50 am
Warrensville75 °F75 °F62.1 °FW @ 0 mph9 mph0.00 in11:55 am
West Jefferson76.7 °F77.6 °F63.8 °FNW @ 0 mph11 mph0.00 in11:53 am
Banner Elk74.6 °F74.6 °F59.3 °FNNW @ 0 mph9 mph0.00 in11:52 am
Beech Mountain68.5 °F68.5 °F62.8 °FN @ 1 mph4 mph0.00 in11:53 am
Crossnore76.7 °F76.7 °F58.7 °FN @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in11:53 am
Elk River East73.9 °F74.2 °F68.6 °FWNW @ 7 mph19 mph0.00 in11:53 am
Elk River West75 °F75 °F61.7 °FWSW @ 12 mph18 mph0.00 in11:54 am
Linville75 °F75 °F60.4 °FNW @ 1 mph7 mph0.00 in11:53 am
Linville Land Harbor Not Reporting
Linville Ridge72.8 °F72.8 °F63.3 °FENE @ 4 mph14 mph0.00 in11:55 am
Newland78.6 °F78.6 °F59.9 °FNE @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in11:48 am
Seven Devils76.7 °F76.7 °F61.6 °FS @ 0 mph8 mph0.00 in11:53 am
Sugar Mountain74.5 °F74.5 °F61 °FWSW @ 8 mph14 mph0.00 in11:54 am
Sugar Mountain Top68.5 °F68.5 °F60.2 °FENE @ 0 mph13 mph0.00 in11:55 am
Aho-Sorrento73 °F73 °F61.5 °FWNW @ 3 mph7 mph0.01 in11:47 am
Appalachian Ski Mtn72.1 °F72.3 °F62.9 °FNE @ 7 mph7 mph0.00 in11:40 am
Blackberry77.7 °F78.5 °F64.2 °FENE @ 0 mph2 mph0.00 in11:50 am
Boone74.2 °F74.2 °F63.3 °FNW @ 3 mph21 mph0.00 in11:46 am
Deep Gap Not Reporting
Grandfather Vyd78.2 °F78.5 °F59.6 °FSSE @ 2 mph14 mph0.00 in11:51 am
Powder Horn Mountain81.7 °F81.9 °F67.5 °FN @ 1 mph4 mph0.00 in11:48 am
Seven Devils76.7 °F76.7 °F61.6 °FS @ 6 mph8 mph0.00 in11:48 am
Sky Valley71.2 °F71.2 °F62.1 °FW @ 3 mph9 mph0.00 in11:53 am
Snake Mountain Not Reporting
The Blowing Rock Not Reporting
Valle Crucis78.5 °F78.5 °F65.8 °FN @ 10 mph12 mph0.00 in11:42 am
Watauga High75 °F75.1 °F62.6 °FN @ 2 mph10 mph0.00 in11:55 am
Zionville75.1 °F75.1 °F70.5 °FWSW @ 1 mph4 mph0.00 in11:52 am
Burnsville (Hawk Branch)78.5 °F79.4 °F62.7 °FNE @ 0 mph0 mph0.01 in11:50 am
Galax82.2 °F82.3 °F66.9 °FSW @ 1 mph9 mph0.00 in11:54 am
Independence82.5 °F82.5 °F64.5 °FS @ 2 mph6 mph0.00 in11:40 am
Twin Co. Airport78.8 °F78.8 °F65.3 °FW @ 9 mph9 mph0.13 in11:44 am
Floydfest77 °F77 °F64.2 °FNNW @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in11:54 am
Galax81.8 °F81.8 °F66.9 °FW @ 2 mph7 mph0.00 in11:41 am
Independence82.3 °F82.5 °F64.5 °FS @ 4 mph6 mph0.00 in11:52 am
Whitetop Not Reporting
Asheville Airport81 °F81 °F66 °FN @ 5 mph5 mph0.00 in11:00 am
Hendersonville Not Reporting
Hickory86 °F86 °F69.9 °FSSW @ 2 mph7 mph0.00 in11:55 am
Hickory Airport82 °F82 °F69.1 °FN @ 5 mph5 mph0.00 in10:55 am
Blackberry77.6 °F78.5 °F64.2 °FENE @ 0 mph2 mph0.00 in11:52 am
Lenoir73.5 °F73.5 °F70.8 °FSSW @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in11:46 am
Morganton-Lenoir Airport82.6 °F82.6 °F64.8 °FWSW @ 5 mph5 mph0.00 in11:20 am
Old Fort87.3 °F88 °F65.8 °FESE @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in11:54 am
Bakersville80.2 °F80.6 °F64 °FW @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in11:55 am
Spruce Pine79.8 °F79.9 °F63.6 °FNW @ 4 mph6 mph0.00 in11:43 am
Morganton84 °F84 °F68.9 °FSW @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in11:48 am
Morganton-Lenoir Airport82.6 °F82.6 °F64.8 °FWSW @ 5 mph5 mph0.00 in11:20 am
Laurel Ridge70 °F70 °F70 °FN @ 5 mph9 mph0.00 in11:55 am
Roaring Gap76.5 °F77.2 °F64.8 °FWNW @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in11:50 am
Sparta80.6 °F80.6 °F64.3 °FWSW @ 0 mph10 mph0.00 in11:54 am
North Surry81.4 °F81.4 °F69.6 °FESE @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in11:30 am
Surry Co. Airport81.7 °F81.7 °F70.7 °FSSE @ 5 mph5 mph0.00 in11:44 am
Waynesville82.2 °F82.2 °F66.3 °FNNE @ 3 mph7 mph0.00 in11:43 am
Laurel Ridge70 °F70 °F70 °FN @ 6 mph6 mph0.00 in11:30 am
North Wilkesboro Not Reporting
Phillips Gap77.3 °F77.4 °F66.3 °FNW @ 3 mph14 mph0.00 in11:24 am
Roaring River Not Reporting
Wilkes Airport84.2 °F84.2 °F68 °FN @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in11:40 am
Wolf Laurel70.4 °F70.4 °F61.6 °FW @ 4 mph17 mph0.04 in11:54 am
Wytheville Not Reporting